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about Cirno, the coolest, strongest and most intelligent fairy in Gensoukyou™.
We might also have some info about God Eater 2™ ©NBGI.
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We might also have some info about God Eater 2™ ©NBGI.
Welcome to Cirnopedia, a small research facility under the supervision of Arks
that aims to discover and investigate the legality of having a harem in outerspace.
We might also have some info about God Eater 2™ ©NBGI.
Welcome to Cirnopedia, a secret research facility under the supervision
of Fenrir Far East Division that aims to create a new world through Nova.
We might also have some info about the game God Eater 2™ ©NBGI.


Recent Updates

First Update

GE2 Cirnopedia is now online!!! Time for a victory dance!

Updated the NPC Link Support effects and fixed some mistakes.

Added an item list for Consumable, Salvage Materials and Aragami Materials.
While all Consumable and Salvage Materials are added, Aragami Materials are still incomplete.
Only common materials are added for now, more will be added next time.

Added all the fields with a map and all their Salvaged Materials listed.
You can click on the salvage point number to go directly to that area's item list.
Aragami list added, but only the smaller ones for now.

Mistakes reported from last time and some things I found are also corrected.

I know many of you wants the complete equipment list, but it won't go anywhere if I don't finish the list of materials first since I still have to list them on every equipment that needs crafting. So everything else is on hiatus until I finish translating the Aragami materials.

That's all for now. Thank you all~

God Eater 2 Launch!

GE2 Cirnopedia is now online!!! Time for a victory dance!

Only the Kurogane series have been added for now since they are the easiest to craft to max.
Will add more once I get enough materials to complete another weapon series.
Since I haven't started translating the materials yet, they are left blank.
Skills are translated. You can hover to read their effect, or click to view the whole list.

Added all the Control Units.
Added all the Upgrades up to Rank 4. Rank 5 and up will be added next update.
Added the default Link Support Devices. More will be added after I complete Rikka's episodes.
Added Link Support NPCs but I'm not very confident with my translation for some of them, like Haru.
Added the default costumes. I don't have a male character, so no preview for them for now.

Added all Skills and Burst Skills available.

Blood Arts:
Nothing here yet except the layout. Added some names but left mostly blank.

If you think I missed something, made a typo, or mistranslated stuff, kindly report them at the Feedback section. Thank you.
That's all for now. See you next mission!

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